The Amie precision studio monitor is a compact, high-performance loudspeaker designed for critical audio workflows where accurate translation to larger systems is a requirement. Amie traces its lineage to Meyer Sound’s Acheron® screen channel loudspeakers, sharing core technology that makes it ideal for film, broadcast, music, and game postproduction. Amie is equally suited for both stereo and surround monitoring in small- to medium sized rooms, and is the perfect solution for facilities where the destination is a larger production room. With its flat frequency response, Amie accurately reproduces source material at different listening levels and with its power-to-size ratio can make your edit room sound like the mixing stage. Sophisticated onboard signal processing and crossover circuitry optimize phase response, ensuring transparency and precise spatial imaging. When monitoring with Amie, editors and sound designers can trust that their work in the editing suite will successfully translate to the mix stage. Engineered for sonic linearity, Amie exhibits uniform response over its full dynamic range. Advanced driver protection circuitry allows for graceful handling of peak material with very low distortion, yielding a comfortable listening experience — allowing engineers to work in extended sessions with minimal fatigue. Amie’s high-frequency transducer is a silk infused dome tweeter fed to a constant directivity waveguide that yields uniform, focused coverage with smooth roll-off outside the coverage area. Its low-frequency transducer is a long-excursion cone driver designed for to behave linear. An optimized, low turbulence cabinet port enhances power handling and extends low-end response. Powered by a proprietary 2-channel class D amplifier, Amie boasts ample headroom, low distortion, and low self-noise, delivering consistent performance even at high sound pressure levels, allowing it to reproduce the most demanding soundtracks with uncompromising precision. The self-powered design simplifies room installations. Loop through power connectors streamline setup of multichannel systems. Amie’s enclosure is constructed from premium birch plywood, coated with an attractive low gloss, textured black finish. Side attachment points accommodate an optional U-bracket, which can mount on walls and ceilings, or attach to a pole mount. In addition the optional Desk mount allows Amie to be placed on a desk with the ability to tilt.

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