XTA DS-8000


The DS8000 is a 2U, 8 input to 32 output mic/line distribution system with 16 transformer balanced isolated outputs, and 16 electronically balanced outputs fitted as standard. Input transformers and replacement of the electronically balanced outputs with transformer balanced outputs are available as options.

Max input level: +26dBu
Differential Impedance 10k
100Hz CMRR @0dB gain 85dB typ.
100Hz CMRR @30dB gain 120dB typ.
1kHz CMRR @0dB gain 85dB typ.
1kHz CMRR @30dB gain 120dB typ.
Inputs Transformer Isolated
As above except:
Max broad spectrum level: +26dBu
Max LF level: +16dBu (30Hz)
Differential Impedance 5k
Isolation 2.5kV
Outputs Electronic
Max output level: +20dBu (600R)
Diff. Impedance less than 50ohms
Outputs Transformer Isolated
Max output level: +10dBu (600R)
Nominal level: -10dB
Diff. Impedance less than 150ohms
Isolation 2.5kV
Freq. Response 22-22k +0/-0.5dB
XFMR Option Freq. Response 22-22k +0/-1.5dB
EIN (0dB gain, 22-22k) less than -101dBu
EIN (30dB gain, 22-22k) less than -124dBu
Power 90-240VAC, nominal less than 30W
Weight (no options) less than 6kg
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